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Selected Highlights From a Decade of Accounts Receivable E-Blasts!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words:
Confronting Common Mistakes in Managing A/R

Overcoming the Hurdle of Attorney Complacency
Complacency. When it comes to accounts receivable management, this is often one of the biggest challenges for law firms.

Accounts Receivable: It’s Not Just a Fourth Quarter Thing
Well-managed law firms need to recognize that accounts receivable management is a year-round effort.

In One Ear and Out the Other: When Managing Receivables, Sometimes You Hear Only What You Want to Hear
Many law firms are missing the message as it relates to managing and collecting their receivables timely. Learn more.

What’s That Elephant in the Room?? It’s Your Firm’s Ageing A/R, Sitting There Doing Nothing
Time starts to creep up on every firm, but the fact remains: that elephant needs to be turned into cash.

Don’t Send Your Clients the Wrong Message by Not Having an Effective A/R Management Program in Place
Put a little more harshly, the reason why law firms need a strong accounts receivable management program early in the ageing process is to prevent a domino effect of self-inflicted pain, which firms so often put themselves through by letting receivables age without having effective, results-oriented procedures in place to collect receivables promptly.

Unprecedented Times Demand Decisive Action - Accounts Receivable Management for Law Firms in 2020 and Beyond
 If you do not yet have a strategy – how can we say this tactfully? – what in the world are you waiting for?

Do Your Attorneys Need an Attitude Check?
Learn the 6 warning signs that law firms need to address when attorneys’ mindsets lead to unpaid and ageing A/R.

Stop Making Assumptions and Start Asking Questions About Your Firm’s A/R Management Efforts to Help Find the Right Answers
Let’s start by going beyond false assumptions. Let’s ask questions we need to answer – because you know what happens when you assume…

Are Your Accounts Receivable a Problem for Your Law Firm? Or Are They an Opportunity?
Being proactive with your accounts receivable management program to enhance revenue.

Client Connection Answers 7 of Your Most Pressing Questions about Accounts Receivable Management at Year-End
Don’t look now, but year-end is rapidly creeping up on you and your law firm.

Collection Software: Are We There Yet?
Navigating the Often-Bumpy Road to Software That Really Addresses Law Firms’ Collection Needs

Dog Days of Summer? Not For Long.
Tips to Help Improve Your Outstanding A/R NOW and Through Year-End

Getting Your Arms Around Your Firm's Receivables - Better Now Than Later
Law firms should have a sense of urgency to shorten their collection cycle.

Grabbing the Reins: Taking Charge of Accounts Receivable Management
Much of the success of receivable management efforts is dependent on the direction from firm leadership itself.

8 Steps You Need to Take NOW to Manage Your Accounts Receivable
That new year is now going full-throttle, so it’s time to get back in gear and get a handle on your firm’s receivables.

If You Don’t Ask the Right Questions, How Can You Expect to Get the Right Answers?
Now is the right time to do a candid self-assessment to judge your firm’s attitudes.

One Foot In and One Foot Out: Why Your Law Firm Needs to Jump Into the Water With Its A/R Management Strategy
Why Your Law Firm Needs to Jump Into the Water With Its A/R Management Strategy

Take Decisive Action Before Summer Breezes Take on Autumn's Chill
The summer months are the ideal time to focus on the challenges you are facing with your accounts receivable.

Answers to the 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Accounts Receivable Management
We have compiled a list of the questions we hear most frequently from law firms, and offer our answers.

The 11 Biggest Mistakes Law Firms Make in Managing Receivables - And How to Avoid Them
Discover 11 common mistakes – and the reality behind them

The Perils of Old Age
Facing Up To Receivables That Have Gone Beyond Aging, and Are Just Plain Old

Growing Old Gracefully: Breathing New Life Into Ageing Receivables
Receivables management is just as much a function of practice management.

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