We are not a collection agency. We are so much more. Following is what we can do for you:

Law Firm Consultants - Client Connection

  • Assist clients with payment arrangements without hurting the relationships attorneys have with their clients
  • Develop one-on-one relationships with attorneys to ensure they are comfortable with collection efforts
  • Work on- and off-site to assist lawyers with managing and collecting ageing receivables
  • Devise solutions for accounts that are difficult to collect
  • Assist clients with different kinds of payment plans, when necessary
  • Work with various types of institutional and non-institutional clients
  • Develop systems and procedures that are compatible with the firm's practice, management style, culture and size, in order to maximize results
  • Monitor ageing and payment expectation of client receivables and update attorneys accordingly
  • Evaluate your internal collection efficiency and performance
  • Provide reporting methods that capture the essential information and are easy to read

Practice Management Solutions

  • Train lawyers and staff in effective collection techniques
  • Set up communication channels and guidelines that help streamline information flow among firm leadership, practice leaders and committees to monitor and update collection progress for all attorneys, practice groups and offices
  • Utilize and implement collection software to better manage accounts receivable management efforts, measure success and provide customized reports

Work with Senior Management

  • Educate management on effective collection strategies for the legal profession
  • Recommend techniques that have been effective in comparable law firms
  • Work with management to review the firm's accounts receivable management efforts and recommend strategies for improvement and an implementation program
  • Help management develop best practices to ensure client payment, especially in today's tenuous economy
  • Candidly assess current accounts receivable management efforts and evaluate the administrative personnel managing these efforts

What Our Clients Say...

"We made clear our priorities and what we expected from the start. We never had to tell them again."

Chief Financial Officer, 370 Lawyer Firm on the East Coast